Discover the unique gastronomic profile of the region

    Discover the unique gastronomic profile of  the region

    Discover the unique gastronomic profile of the region

    The gastronomic profile of the area is strongly influenced by its geographical position, between the Pagasetic Gulf and Pelion Mountain, the unique microenvironments, the lay of the land as well as the contact with other cultures and the local tradition.   Different raw materials coming either from sea or mountain, such as vegetables, wild greens, herbs, fish and meat are harmonically blended with the hospitality of the locals resulting in tasteful and colorful dishes. Tsipouro, a strong distilled spirit is the basic accompaniment of locals to their gatherings and meals.

    Let aromas and flavors be your local guide!

    Pelion is the birthplace of one of the most diverse cuisines, consisting of different materials combined in a unique way. Lift the lid of an earthenware pot and let the journey in the local flavors begin.

    Strolling around the villages in Pelion Mountain you will be fascinated by the plethora of the wild vegetation that offers to the locals the raw materials needed to create tasteful dishes. Mushrooms, wild greens, herbs and colorful vegetables, such as aubergines, zucchinis, tomatoes, peppers, overflow from houses’ small gardens spreading color all around.  Pelion is famous for the salads made by wild greens, such as «tsitsiravla», «vergia» and «kritama», which accompany tastefully every main dish. The most predominant element of the local cuisine since ancient times is the olive oil. It is produced by the olive trees that flood the slopes of Pelion Mountain and adds the distinctive taste, making every food cooked with it unique.

    The adjacency of Pelion Mountain with the sea offers a wide variety of fish and seafood, which mixed with the crops of the mountain creating delicious matches. The saltiness of the fish mixed with the sweatiness of home-cultivated vegetables can satisfy even the most demanding palate. Don’t miss to taste the famous crab pasta, which is one of the most popular dishes that locals prefer during summer time.

    The gastronomy in Pelion is strongly influenced by the many microenvironments that favor the cultivation of a wide range of crops in every season, giving to the locals the sufficiency they need during the year. Strolling around in the villages of Pelion you will be tempted by the scents that evolve from every house, revealing the housewife’s food. There you can taste the famous «spetsofai», sausage cooked with green peppers which is the most characteristic dish in Pelion. Every meal in Pelion is completed with the traditional spoon sweets, widely known around Greece. Various fruits, such as apples, oranges, cherries, strawberries, watermelon, and even vegetables, like carrots and tomatoes following a specific method of cooking are transformed into delicious desserts.

    Volos is famous for its flourishing food scene offering another strong component of the area’s gastronomic profile, tsipouro. Tsipouro is a strong distilled drink with an alcohol content of 40% made from crashed grapes. Tsipouro arrived in Volos hidden in the luggage of Greek immigrants from Minor Asia in the early 20th century and since then it constitutes the basic option in locals’ gatherings. It is widely known that nothing compares to a visit in one of the 400 tsipouradika, the famous stores selling tsipouro, where the locals and the visitors hang out together. The most useful phrase that you need to know when you visit a tsipouradiko is “Grab a little bottle of tsipouro” and your table will be filled with the scent of tsipouro along with seafood and tidbits (named mezedes).

    This is a culinary journey, a cultural exchange that goes well beyond the list of ingredients. You will taste flavors that bring with them a sense of continuity and unity, which consist central values in the Greek lifestyle. Hide inside them and experience with all your senses the colors, scents and flavors that the Greek soil offers so generously.

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