Alonissos is the largest of the Sporades islands, but it`s also the most untouched. A throwback to a slower, more elemental way of life, Alonissos is really about forested treks, relaxing swims, and spotting the protected Mediterranean monk seal.

    Ranked sixth among destinations from all over the world by the National Geographic for sustainable tourism practices, Alonissos boasts the largest protected marine area in Europe, the Alonissos Natural Marine Park, and the first underwater museum in Greece. Diving enthusiasts flock to Alonissos to explore the perfectly preserved ancient shipwreck (425BC) and the thousands of wine jars (amphorae) it once carried. Plastic bags have been banned on the island since 2015 and hotel owners support local suppliers, provide locally produced soap and use biodegradable products in bars and restaurants. Similarly, local cuisine is both authentic and delicious based on locally sourced vegetables, organic extra virgin olive oil, and freshly caught fish. The numerous hiking trails combined with a plethora of non-invasive sea activities appeal to eco-friendly travelers.

    From cerulean waters to pine forests and white-pebble beaches, Alonissos is home to a wealth of natural beauty. The tranquil capital, locally known as Chora and signposted as ‘The Old Village,’ and the small port of Patitiri are the only two settlements on the island, making Alonissos the ideal destination for those who seek to disconnect and slow down.


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