Tsipouro is connected to the daily life, the hospitality and the entertainment of the locals. It is a distillation of grapes. In their majority the producers in Thessaly use the method of double distillation, which ensures the upgrade in quality of the product.
Apart from the traditional, you will find tsipouro with anise and fennel during the distillation.
Having evolved a tradition around tsipouro, in the 1920s a few stores that served tsipouro appeared in Nea Ionia, while after 1960s they appear in Volos as well. The so called tsipouradika in Volos are a history of tastes rooted back at the beginning of the century from the refugees from Asia Minor. The little bottle of 25 ml makes its appearance accompanied by titbits, sea food especially, such as octopus, scampi and so on, joining people around the table as they are not served individually. Since then, these stores exist in the city, without losing their authenticity. A daily and traditional habit of the locals, who will prefer to drink tsipouro rather than coffee as long as someone says: “Bring another little bottle of tsipouro”. The locals will not go to these stores to eat, however to drink, that is why the titbits that come with the drink are each time a surprise to share around on your table.


  • The good and authentic tsipouradiko is the one keeping up the good quality. The people responsible for the stores have a gastronomic knowledge of the titbits served with tsipouro, which consist of fresh sea food of the day, whereas other stores are closed when they sell out the sea food of the day.
  • By ordering one to three little bottles, you will have tasted most of the titbits.
  • Tsipouro has high content in alcohol; especially it is of 40% vol.

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